Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Nona.

While He is on a work trip  to Northern(er), Snowta, She will be posting all by Her lonesome. Le sigh.

Winona is a lovely little place. We are surrounded by bluffs, all the way around. The Mississippi is the border between us and Wisconsin. It's not often cloudy, and the sky seems huge because there are no tall buildings. It's really strange for me to stand near the Lake and be able to see the other side! 

Winona is different enough from Cleveland to not be familiar just yet, but not so different that I'm entirely uncomfortable. I haven't really figured my way around this place yet, but I am able to get to Target, the Post Office, the Bank and His office. Pretty much everything else remains a mystery. 

Once I unpack my camera cord, I will be able to post photos of Winona, the campus, and the Homestead. It's coming together pretty well. We've had to be creative with storage, but it is starting to look like home (!). 

Monday, July 27, 2009

We live in the 'Snowta!

So, as far as updates are concerned, the following has occurred:
-He and She are married.
-He and She arrived in the 'Snowta.
-He and She are involved in The Unpacking.