Monday, May 18, 2009

1. Introductions.

-loves Him.
-currently lives in Cleveland.
-is currently unemployed.
-is using this time creatively.
-has decided it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends before she moves.
-is a feminist, activist and advocate.
-loves being crafty.
-is handcrafting many elements of their upcoming wedding in rejection of the Wedding Industrial Complex.
-is excited to move to Minnesota and start life with Him in earnest.
-is not ashamed to admit she likes cartoons, X-Men, Bruce Campbell, bad vampire movies, bad action movies and environmental documentaries.
-also loves cupcakes, Elvis, mariachi music, being vegetarian, social issues, reading, and writing.
-really, really loves Him.

-loves Her.
-has been living in Minnesota for nearly a year.
-moved to Minnesota for work, without knowing a soul.
-is currently working on his graduate degree.
-is clearly very brave.
-is creative and loves to make music.
-can't wait for Her to get here.
-likes bad action movies, comedies, Venture Brothers and Boondocks.
-is an activist, and is especially interested in diversity and class issues.
-has a passion for music.
-is a very good cook.
-also loves good smelling soap, reading, brewing beer and taking walks.
-really, really loves Her.

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