Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2. To DIY or DIWH (Do It With Help) Before the Trek to MN.

1. Refinish the kitchen table and chairs. Or at least the chairs. The table can always be covered with a cloth for the next few months.
2. Refinish the coffee table/end table Caroline's grandfather made. I think there used to be a drawer underneath, so we might try and fix that too.
3. Reupholster the wingback chair. Must be done. Slipcovers not an option.
4. Reupholster the 2 orange armchairs. Must be done. Could possibly use slipcovers.
5. Paint the Rose lamp Gramma gave me. It's my favorite. Ever.
6. Attempt to fix Uncle Sean's steamer trunk he used as a coffee table.

7. Obviously, wedding stuff.

8. Talk Gramma into giving me the sewing table in my bedroom.

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  1. Hey I saw that you're a fan of iron and wine. You should check out my blog sometime :)