Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Nona... Part Deux

I'm trying to be better about this blogging business, so please bear with us. 

Things we have accomplished:
1. All the laundry is finally done. (The moving truck leaked, and quite a few textile items got wet. Every thing we washed in the laundry here smelled funny, and the washing machines left rust on some of our things. We had to find another laundromat.)
2. The kitchen, bathrooms, closets and den/office are finished. ALL the books are off of the floor! Yay!
3. We made a few improvements here and there: a new showerhead; some organization and storage solutions; a bar in the kitchen with baskets that hang; two small cabinets forming a little sideboard in the dining area; etc.
4. B has been getting tons of work done.
5. K has been looking for work and obsessively organizing and re-organizing things.
6. Twin Cities Ikea trip number 2!
7. Spending lots of time together, just hanging out. Things are going to get pretty crazy in the next few weeks, so we are just trying to enjoy this quiet(er) time as much as we can.
8. Wedding Thank You notes!
9. Matilda (the car) needed a new battery. As much as we don't like Wal-Mart, we really like that we can buy the battery and they put it in. Total time... about fifteen minutes. 
Also good news... no rattlesnakes. Wahoo!

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