Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well, Blow Me Down

We had a very exciting day! Brendan's staff had a scavenger of the things to scavenge was a photo with me. We also had his staff at the apartment for some pizza while they did a little work. In even MORE exciting news, there was a tornado a town or two over. It was supposed to hit Winona at 5.15 pm. Thankfully, no tornado touched down here. 

Over the weekend, my sister Mary came to visit! I was completely surprised. I actually thought Brendan was getting us a puppy, or a fish or something. I opened the door, and it was my little Newsome! We took her to see the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and we saw Julie and Julia at the little movie theater. It was wonderful to see her. I missed her so much and was feeling so homesick. Brendan arranged it, and kept it secret. He is the sweetest husband ever. 

He was at Dunrovin for a few days last week, and that should be the last time he has to leave for an extended period for awhile. He is going to have an incredibly busy few weeks coming up. Students move in, and the year starts in earnest. Before we know it, summer will be over and it will be Halloween!

Until next time!

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